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“…Everything was fine and I had a wonderful day. The food was all I needed. I had the chance to have two guides”

Brisson Jacques

“We LOVED our tour with David and Ceero! David was very knowledgeable of the birds in all locations and we felt quite comfortable with our driver, Ceero. The breakfast, snacks, and lunch provided were delicious and the locations we went to were awesome. We had a chance to learn about other wildlife (wild guinea pigs!) and interact with local Peruvians on our tour through the mountains.This trip was not just a great bird tour, but a chance to see a different way of life and experience the Andes” 

Amanda Shafer

 "David, our guide, was excellent, and his expertise shows as we saw 54 bird species!!  Breakfast and lunch were tasty and kept us very happy throughout the day!  I would not hesitate to recommend Endemic Peru to my friends when traveling to Peru!  Thank you so much for everything!  I cannot tell you how happy we were!  :)" 

Kevin, Bob and Ashley

Birding Abra Malaga One full Day

Stripe-headed-Antpitta at Abra-malaga

We are leaving every day at 5:00 am. from Cuzco, if you are staying at the Sacred Valley such as urubamba, Pisac or Ollantaytambo we can pick you up as well. Abra Malaga is one of the most visited habitats by Endemic Peru because this place harbors one of the less 5% of remaining forest of Polylepis which concentrates the Royal Cinclodes (Cinclodes aricomae); Creamy-crested Spinetail (Cranioleuca albicapilla); White-tufted sunbean (Agleactis castelnaudi); Rusty-fronted Canastero (Asthenes ottonis); Stripe-headed Antpitta (Grallaria andicola); among other species of birds at the Puna habitat.

This is a pretty easy and short trip for watching birds in only one day.



We walk 2.5 miles with only 10% going up the trail and 90% going down the trail after this we keep going with our private car toward Ollantaytambo watching birds then straight to Cuzco


  • Birding Guide (Telescope and books)
  • Meals (box lunch + mineral water + snacks and fruits)
  • Private car

Not included:

  • Soft Drinks

Cuzco, January 2019

1Andean TinamouNothoprocta pentlandii
2Hooded TinamouNothocercus nigrocapillus
3Taczanowski’s TinamouNothoprocta taczanowskii
4Ornate TinamouNothoprocta ornata
5Andean GooseChloephaga melanoptera
6Yellow-billed TealAnas flavirostris
7Yellow-billed PintailAnas georgica
8Puna TealAnas puna
9Cinnamon TealAnas cyanoptera
10Crested DuckLophonetta specularioides
11Ruddy DuckOxyura jamaicensis
12Andean GuanPenelope montagnii
13Black-faced IbisTheristicus melanopis
14Puna IbisPlegadis ridgwayi
15Andean CondorVultur gryphus
16Turkey VultureCathartes aura
17Variable HawkButeo polyosoma
18Black-chested Buzzard-EagleGeranoaetus melanoleucus
19Roadside HawkButeo magnirostris
20Mountain CaracaraPhalcoboenus megalopterus
21Cinereous HarrierCircus cinereus
22American KestrelFalco sparverius
23Aplomado FalconFalco femoralis
24Peregrine FalconFalco peregrinus
25Andean CootFulica ardesiaca
26Giant CootFulica gigantea
27Common MoorhenGallinula chloropus
28Andean LapwingVanellus resplendens
29Black-necked StiltHimantopus mexicanus
30Andean AvocetRecurvirostra andina
31American Golden-PloverPluvialis dominica
32Puna PloverCharadrius alticola
33Puna SnipeGallinago andina
34Andean SnipeGallinago jamesoni
35Lesser YellowlegsTringa flavipes
36Greater YellowlegsTringa melanoleuca
37Stilt SandpiperCalidris himantopus
38Solitary SandpiperTringa solitaria
39Spotted SandpiperActitis macularius
40Pectoral SandpiperCalidris melanotos
41Wilson’s PhalaropePhalaropus tricolor
42Andean GullChroicocephalus serranus
43Spot-winged PigeonPatagioenas maculosa
44Eared DoveZenaida auriculata
45Black-winged Ground-DoveMetriopelia melanoptera
46Rock PigeonColumba livia
47Andean ParakeetBolborhynchus orbygnesius
48Mountain ParakeetPsilopsiagon aurifrons
49White-throated Screech-OwlMegascops albogularis
50Burrowing OwlAthene cunicularia
51Rufous-banded OwlCiccaba albitarsis
52Andean Pygmy-OwlGlaucidium jardinii
53Great Horned OwlBubo virginianus
54White-collared SwiftStreptoprocne zonaris
55Andean SwiftAeronautes andecolus
56Chestnut-collared SwiftStreptoprocne rutila
57Chimney SwiftChaetura pelagica
58Green HermitPhaethornis guy
59Sword-billed HummingbirdEnsifera ensifera
60Giant HummingbirdPatagona gigas
61Sparkling VioletearColibri coruscans
62White-bellied HummingbirdAmazilia chionogaster
63White-tufted SunbeamAglaeactis castelnaudii
64Shining SunbeamAglaeactis cupripennis
65Andean HillstarOreotrochilus estella
66Mountain VelvetbreastLafresnaya lafresnayi
67Long-tailed SylphAglaiocercus kingi
68Amethyst-throated SunangelHeliangelus amethysticollis
69Sapphire-vented PufflegEriocnemis luciani
70Black-tailed TrainbearerLesbia victoriae
71Green-tailed TrainbearerLesbia nuna
72Bearded MountaineerOreonympha nobilis
73Andean FlickerColaptes rupicola
74Common MinerGeositta cunicularia
75Slender-billed MinerGeositta tenuirostris
76Bar-winged CinclodesCinclodes fuscus
77White-winged CinclodesCinclodes atacamensis
78Royal CinclodesCinclodes aricomae
79Azara’s SpinetailSynallaxis azarae
80White-browed Tit-SpinetailLeptasthenura xenothorax
81Tawny Tit-SpinetailLeptasthenura yanacensis
82Creamy-crested SpinetailCranioleuca albicapilla
83Puna ThistletailSchizoeaca helleri
84Marcapata SpinetailCranioleuca marcapatae
85Cordilleran CanasteroAsthenes modesta
86Line-fronted CanasteroAsthenes urubambensis
87Streak-backed CanasteroAsthenes wyatti
88Streak-throated CanasteroAsthenes humilis
89Junín CanasteroAsthenes virgata
90Puna TapaculoScytalopus simonsi
91Slaty-capped FlycatcherLeptopogon superciliaris
92Inca FlycatcherLeptopogon taczanowskii
93Highland ElaeniaElaenia obscura
94Sierran ElaeniaElaenia pallatangae
95White-crested ElaeniaElaenia albiceps
96White-throated TyrannuletMecocerculus leucophrys
97White-tailed TyrannuletMecocerculus poecilocercus
98Subtropical DoraditoPseudocolopteryx acutipennis
99Unstreaked Tit-TyrantAnairetes agraphia
100Tufted Tit-TyrantAnairetes parulus
101Yellow-billed Tit-TyrantAnairetes flavirostris
102Ash-breasted Tit-TyrantAnairetes alpinus
103Rufous-headed Pygmy-TyrantPseudotriccus ruficeps
104Puna TapaculoScytalopus simonsi
105Slaty-capped FlycatcherLeptopogon superciliaris
106Inca FlycatcherLeptopogon taczanowskii
107Highland ElaeniaElaenia obscura
108Sierran ElaeniaElaenia pallatangae
109White-crested ElaeniaElaenia albiceps
110White-throated TyrannuletMecocerculus leucophrys
111White-tailed TyrannuletMecocerculus poecilocercus
112Subtropical DoraditoPseudocolopteryx acutipennis
113Unstreaked Tit-TyrantAnairetes agraphia
114Tufted Tit-TyrantAnairetes parulus
115Yellow-billed Tit-TyrantAnairetes flavirostris
116Ash-breasted Tit-TyrantAnairetes alpinus
117Rufous-headed Pygmy-TyrantPseudotriccus ruficeps
118Fork-tailed FlycatcherTyrannus savana
119Andean SwallowOrochelidon andecola
120Blue-and-white SwallowPygochelidon cyanoleuca
121Brown-bellied SwallowOrochelidon murina
122Bank SwallowRiparia riparia
123Barn SwallowHirundo rustica
124Cliff SwallowPetrochelidon pyrrhonota
125Páramo PipitAnthus bogotensis
126Inca WrenPheugopedius eisenmanni
127House WrenTroglodytes aedon
128White-capped DipperCinclus leucocephalus
129Andean SolitaireMyadestes ralloides
130Chiguanco ThrushTurdus chiguanco
131Great ThrushTurdus fuscater
132Glossy-black ThrushTurdus serranus
133Blue-and-yellow TanagerThraupis bonariensis
134Palm TanagerThraupis palmarum
135Yellow-scarfed TanagerIridosornis reinhardti
136Tit-like DacnisXenodacnis parina
137Capped ConebillConirostrum albifrons
138White-browed ConebillConirostrum ferrugineiventre
139Cinereous ConebillConirostrum cinereum
140Giant ConebillOreomanes fraseri
141Masked Flower-piercerDiglossa cyanea
142Moustached Flower-piercerDiglossa mystacalis
143Rusty FlowerpiercerDiglossa sittoides
144Black-throated FlowerpiercerDiglossa brunneiventris
145Rufous-collared SparrowZonotrichia capensis
146Yellow-browed SparrowAmmodramus aurifrons
147Peruvian Sierra-FinchPhrygilus punensis
148Mourning Sierra-FinchPhrygilus fruticeti
149Ash-breasted Sierra-FinchPhrygilus plebejus
150Plumbeos Sierra-FinchPhrygilus unicolor
151Short-tailed FinchIdiopsar brachyurus
152White-winged Diuca-FinchDiuca speculifera
153Chestnut-breasted Mountain-FinchPoospiza caesar
154Band-tailed Sierra-FinchPhrygilus alaudinus
155Band-tailed SeedeaterCatamenia analis
156Plain-colored SeedeaterCatamenia inornata
157Páramo SeedeaterCatamenia homochroa
158Striped-tailed Yellow-FinchSicalis citrina
159Greenish Yellow-FinchSicalis olivascens
160Grassland Yellow-FinchSicalis luteola
161Puna Yellow-FinchSicalis lutea
162Bright-rumped Yellow-FinchSicalis uropygialis
163Black-backed GrosbeakPheucticus aureoventris
164Golden-billed SaltatorSaltator aurantiirostris
165BobolinkDolichonyx oryzivorus
166White-browed BlackbirdSturnella superciliaris
167Hooded SiskinCarduelis magellanica
168Thick-billed SiskinCarduelis crassirostris
169Olivaceous SiskinCarduelis olivacea
170Black SiskinCarduelis atrata

Cuzco, January 2019

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