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  “…We had an amazing day where everything fell into place perfectly. The food was exactly what we desired, and we were fortunate enough to have the guidance of two knowledgeable companions”

Ross & Anne Thompson

“We LOVED our tour with David and Ceero! David was very knowledgeable of the birds in all locations and we felt quite comfortable with our driver, Ceero. The breakfast, snacks, and lunch provided were delicious and the locations we went to were awesome. We had a chance to learn about other wildlife (wild guinea pigs!) and interact with local Peruvians on our tour through the mountains. This trip was not just a great bird tour, but a chance to see a different way of life and experience the Andes”  

Amanda Shafer

  "David, our guide, was excellent, and his expertise shows as we saw 54 bird species!!  Breakfast and lunch were tasty and kept us very happy throughout the day!  I would not hesitate to recommend Endemic Peru to my friends when traveling to Peru!  Thank you so much for everything!  I cannot tell you how happy we were!  :)"  

Kevin, Bob and Ashley

Manu National Park 07 Days

In by car out by car

Day 01: Cusco – Bambu Lodge

At 6:00 a.m. we will pick you up from the hotel, to go toward south east of Cusco across sacred valley until we get the pass which is located at 4200 m.a.s.l. (Chawaytiri) after this high altitude we go down visiting Paucartambo a nice village which is the middle point between the Andes and the Jungle with a very interesting history.

After one hour left Paucartambo we will be on the second pass which is Acjanaco 3560 m. a. s. l. where we will start to see part of the Amazon basin in Peru, from this altitude we will be descending until we get to 760 m.a.s.l. at the lodge located in Hill forest. So this day we will spend mostly in the cloud forest at the habitat of the South American Spectacle, bear, Brown capuchin Monkeys, Scaly napped parrots, a lot of hummingbirds, snakes, Flowers, Bromeliads, Orchids, amazing landscapes covered by clouds.

Day 02: Bambu lodge – Hummingbird Lodge

We leave the best valley for Coca leaves named Kosñipata Valley, this day we have three hours by car and six hours navigating on Madre de Dios river, this is a river that flow in to the Amazon river by Brazil and then to the Atlantic ocean, we will have box lunch with us going by Madre de Dios river, by boat until we get to hummingbird lodge which is a lodge located very close to Boca Manu village.

Day 03: Hummingbird lodge – Casa Matziguenka – Manu National Park

We leave early in the morning. This is one of the best days going up the Manu River taking all the advantage to see wildlife in the rainforest where we will be enjoying the real hidden paradise of the world and tropical weather (at 350 m.a.s.l.) in about four hours we get to Casa Matziguenka (a campsite in Manu National Park with basic services) where some local people will be waiting for Us.

By the afternoon we will visit an Oxbow Lake expecting to see giant river otters, caimans, monkeys and many birds.

Day 04: Casa Matziguenka in Manu National Park

We stay one more day in Casa Matziguenka camp site, in order we get to see more wildlife such as the monkeys, peccaries, river otters, snakes, macaws, caimans, toucans, etc.

Day 05: Manu National Park – Hummingbird lodge

We start to go down stream Manu River spotting all the wild life along the river banks better chances of watching caimans and probably Jaguar.

Day 06: Hummingbird lodge – Clay-lick of Parrots and Macaw’s

This day we have a long trip going by boat, we do still are in good chances to see some big mammals that we can see along the river bank of Madre de Dios river. Making some stops on the way until we get to the lodge.

Day 07: Clay-lick of Parrots to Cusco

The clay-lick of parrots and macaws is a place where these birds go to eat clay in order they get to neutralize the toxins that get in many unripe fruits that they eat every day.

This last day after we visit the clay-lick of some species of parrots and Chestnut fronted Macaws after this we have breakfast and then we start to go back to Cusco, this day we have approximately one hour by boat and seven hours driving to Cusco. We expect to get to Cusco around 5:00 pm.



  • All Entrances to Manu National Park and lakes.
  • Rubber boots
  • Naturalist guide – English speaker (Telescope, books)
  • Snacks juices and mineral water (every day)
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Lodging
  • Private bus and boat
  • Not included:
  • Flight tickets
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Recommendations:
  • Best time traveling by Manu National Park is April to November

What to bring?

  • Light cloths
  • T-shirts with long sleeves (cotton)
  • Sun glasses
  • Sun block
  • Insect repellent
  • Sandals
  • Camera (the guide will tell you where to charge your batteries in this trip)
  • Bottle of water (we will provide you water for drinking every day)
  • Raincoat
  • And Binoculars

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